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Chris Weidman is the new UFC Middleweight Champ 74


When keeping it real goes wrong.  Do you know what happens to champs that taunt challengers in a UFC cage match.  They get knocked out silly!  That’s right, the biggest name in UFC just got clocked by the new middle weight champ of the world, Chris Weidman.  It happened with 1:18 seconds left in the second round.

The Vegas crowd was stunned as Weidman finally connected on a left punch that sent Silva falling to the canvas.  It served Silva right as he was more concerned about humiliating Weidman with his dancing and taunting throughout the bout.  The last thing Weidman heard from Coach Long: “I want you to punch a hole in his f–king chest.”  He did something better.  He hit him in his f–king chin!  Next thing you know it, Silva was on his back and Weidman pounced him, all this before referee Herb Dean eventually pulled Weidman off.  PRICELESS!

Never in a million years did anybody expect Weidman to catch Silva with his hands down.  I am in shock and disbelieve, either Weidman literally kicked his a$$ or Anderson Silva threw this bout!  Take a look:

Here across the land are some of the reactions about the Anderson Silva knockout:





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