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Damian Lillard Wants to Start a Music Career 0

Damian Lillard is one of the most talented young guards in the NBA today. But basketball might not be the only thing Lillard is good at. It seems as though he may have a not-so-hidden talent that he is trying to bring to the public’s attention.

It is no secret that Lillard has an interest in music and rap. He makes it very public to his following on Twitter and Instagram, and it is clear he does have some talent. Lillard hosts a #FourBarFriday contest on his Instagram urging his followers to send him videos of themselves rapping. This contest culminated into a epic battle in New Orleans during All-Star Weekend. The contest was dreamed up by Lillard himself, and he even joined in on the fun a couple of times, showing off his own talent.

The All-Star point guard is looking to take his love for music to another level. He anticipates releasing a mixtape sometime this year of about 10 tracks before releasing an album.

Lillard would not be the first athlete to try their hand at music. Big names like Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, and Shaquille O’Neal have all dropped albums. Shaq was the only one to really turn a profit, and his album “Shaq Diesel” went platinum in 1994.

Lillard is trying to emulate that success. “If my profile continues to increase, I think I can go platinum with my music,” Lillard told “Not to knock anybody else who has done it, but I can actually rap. I have a story to tell. It’s not going to just be about basketball. I have more content than that.”

Lillard seems pretty confident in his skills on and off the court. He also seems to be playing it smart. Lillard is a young athlete who can capitalize on all the attention he is getting right now by trying his hand at different skills. Let’s just hope it doesn’t interfere with his basketball career.

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