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Derrick Rose to be back for the playoffs? 0

Could Derrick Rose return for the playoffs?

NBA fans get ready for deja vu as this will become a theme throughout the basketball season while Derrick Rose recovers from a torn meniscus in his right knee. As we all painfully remember last season, we heard non-stop stories about when Rose would return following an ACL injury. And now it’s looking like history will repeat itself as Rose has already answered his first “comeback” question.

Via RealGM:

Rose was asked if he could return for the playoffs.

“If I’m healthy and the situation is right – I’m playing,” said Rose.

Rose also was asked if the Bulls may have to move on without him.

“You can be a fool if you want to,” said Rose.

The Chicago Bulls may want to think about trading away some pieces and rebuild. This is a loaded draft and if the Bulls could pair Rose with one of the young studs coming out in next June’s draft, the team could be set for the next decade. The Bulls clearly aren’t going to win a title this year without Rose, so why try to be a middle of the pack team? Rose should take his time and let the team use this opportunity to pair him with another potential superstar from next year’s NBA Draft.


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