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Doc Rivers says the Bulls would be “nuts” to let Thibodeau go 0

Doc Rivers defended his former assistant coach Tom Thibodeau

Despite not having their best player for the second consecutive year, the Chicago Bulls are once again exceeding expectations. Coach Tom Thibodeau has squeezed every last drop of talent and effort out of his overachieving Bulls squad that currently sits a game over .500. Just a couple of weeks ago the hot rumor was Thibodeau might be on his way out of Chicago. This all seemed crazy considering the Bulls traded away Luol Deng to weaken the Bulls roster following Derrick Rose being declared out for the season. Add to boot his record with the Bulls and this seemed even more egregious. Enter old friend Doc Rivers to defend his former assistant coach with the Boston Celtics. Rivers backed up Thibodeau and said it would be “nuts” for the Bulls to part ways with their coach.

Via ESPN Chicago:

Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers believes his good friend Tom Thibodeau will be coaching the Chicago Bulls next season. He also believes the Bulls would be “nuts” to let Thibodeau go.

“He’s under contract, so yeah,” Rivers said before Friday’s shootaround. “I don’t know why he wouldn’t be. I think it would be nuts not to have him here. He’s the best coach, one of the best coaches in this league. So if you have that, that’s an asset. And I don’t think any right-minded organization would allow that asset to leave. Because with all this adversity they’ve had with injuries, if you allow that one to leave, things will fall apart. And that would be pretty much a guarantee.”

It seems the Bulls brass traded away Luol Deng for a multitude of reasons. The Bulls are notorious for their penny-pinching ways, but another factor could have been next year’s NBA draft. The lottery class is expected to be very deep and the Bulls brass probably wanted to pair Derrick Rose with a potential stud for the next ten years. If that was the case, it looks like Thibodeau is doing his best to throw a wrench into that idea.


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