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Dwight Howard says that he is the best player in the NBA 0

Dwight Howard says he is the best player in the NBA

There was a time when Dwight Howard was considered a top five player in the NBA. But now the days of Dwight being listed among the NBA elite are long gone – at least in most NBA aficionados mind’s. However, Dwight is still a defensive presence and certainly among the top centers in the NBA. But after back surgery, and now on his third NBA team in as many years, Dwight clearly isn’t the same explosive player he once was.

Dwight, at only 28 years old, is still young enough to regain the dominant form he once displayed with the Orlando Magic. But many question the severity of the back surgery and whether it has taken a toll on Howard’s once explosive game. Dwight, apparently doesn’t feel his game has deteriorated at all. In fact, when asked his opinion on whether Kevin Durant has surpassed LeBron James as the NBA’s best player, Howard took the liberty of appointing himself as the game’s best player.

Howard took a step back after naming himself the best player in the NBA by saying that “Every All-Star feels that way.” I’m not sure about that, Dwight. When asked who was the second best player, Howard didn’t have an answer.



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