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Everything you need to know about Soccer Cleats 0

For all soccer player, soccer cleats are the essential piece of gear that will need every purchase. If you want a pair of cheap soccer cleats that delivers excellent support, traction, and feel of the ball, then dive into this article to find all the elements of your soccer cleats to consider when evaluating which cleats to purchase.

Elements To Consider While Buying Your Soccer Cleats

Recognizing the various pieces of the cleat is essential. Various cleat designs offer players different performance under different conditions. To choose the best pair of cleats according to your playing condition, the knowledge of each element will help you in it. For artificial turf or indoor play, you would not want to show up to a soft, mud-filled field with cleats. The right pair will provide friction and minimize the chances of ankle and leg injuries as well as improving ball control.

For a cleat, there are six major components: the upper, insole, outsole, midsole, the heel and cleat or stud. You can see each element on the below image with labels except the insole.

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Elements OfSoccer Cleats

  1. Upper

Upper is everything above the insole and midsole.  It affects ball control and touch. Different manufactured generally make the upper sections of cleats with a variety of different materials.  To pick the best you have first to try a few kinds and then find which one performs and feels best for you.


  • Insole


The insole is not labeled in the picture above, but without any doubt, it is an essential part of the cleat.  Most manufacturers provide a fundamental insole, but in the case of foot pain, to reduce stress on your feet and improve comfort, you can purchase specialized insoles, too. Even some players additionally choose high-performance insoles to buy.  


  • Outsole


Everything below the insole and midsole or Bottom of the shoe is known as the outsole.  It is the part of the cleat that most of the time made of either synthetic material or rubber, based on design and the type of surface the shoe.


  • Midsole


The midsole is the layer of material between the outer sole and inner sole of a shoe. It mainly designed to absorb shock. Performing the best; most cleats will have a midsole with the rest of the materials in the shoe.  However, you may find you prefer a specific type of midsole as you try different shoes depending on your playing style.


  • Heel


The rear part of the shoe gives heel support.  Try some pairs on and examine which type of heel is the most convenient or matches your playing style at best. For selecting a proper heel, there are no techniques. For that, you have to try and pick the best.


  • Stud


Stud is the nobs on the base of your cleats. The three main studs are; hard grounded, round and bladed. Understanding which type is best for you is necessary because it will give the best adhesion on the surface of the field.



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