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Some explanations for choosing binoculars and how to get them without wasting your money 1

Are you a traveler? Are you a person willing to do some outdoor activities? Are you engaged in outdoor works? If you answer Yes, then you need binoculars. The binoculars are one of the most used optical instruments in the world. Level of use is number three after glasses and ordinary cameras. Binoculars are indispensable for a wide range of outdoor observation activities, especially with regard to research on animals. This article was created with the aim of guiding you in understanding binoculars, especially sports telescopes equipped with cameras. In essence, to choose binoculars (of any kind) you need to consider several things; where you use the binoculars, when you use them, how often you use them, and of course what you will observe. These four parameters are the basic parameters to consider before choosing binoculars. The neglect of these four parameters is simply causing you to waste your money.

As described above, binoculars can be distinguished according to their designation. Binoculars to observe bird life in the wild are different from binoculars used to observe sporting moments inside the stadium, for example. Binoculars for hunting activities usually have a magnification of 7x to 10x. This is the recommended magnification range for most hunting activities. As for the activities of remote shooting, recommended magnification range is 12x to 16x. For a range like this, you are advised to use a tripod because you really need stability. Any hand gestures or shaking hands will have a large effect, directly proportional to the addition of the magnification range. If you often see National Geographic shows or other such events then you will often see binoculars with maximum magnification and equipped with a tripod.

The difference between binoculars for hunting and binoculars for birding

Compact binoculars with wide angle are commonly used to observe sporting moments inside the stadium. Some types are easily stored in a breast pocket or hung on the neck. Most of the compact binoculars present a very wide field of view. Many lay people are unaware of the difference between binoculars for hunting and binoculars for birding. Both are used in outdoor but both have striking differences. Binoculars for birding have specific parameters, one of which measures 8×42. The usual enlargements used are 10x to 12x with a goal of between 42 and 50 millimeters. This kind of magnification provides greater eye relief and a close focus. These are two features that are attached to most binoculars to observe bird life in the wild.

Binocular for sea-related activities

For use at sea level, too high magnification is not recommended. Usually used is a range of magnification 7x to 10x. Most sailors use 10x magnification. Frequently used lenses are in the range of 42 to 50 mm. In addition to these parameters there are other features that must exist, namely features of waterproof, rubber, and extra protection. We know that the activities at sea are susceptible to sudden shocks due to unexpected waves. Observation of the fish at sea level uses binoculars with medium magnification.

Binoculars for theater and some indoor music-related activities.

Binoculars commonly used to observe and record indoor music events are usually compact binoculars.

The compact binoculars used are binoculars that have wide corners. Recommended sizes are 4×30, 5×25, 7×18, 7×21, and 8×25. These measures are recommended since decades ago.

If you want to buy binoculars then you should consider some of the parameters mentioned above, and also the price. You need to compare the various prices offered and also the availability in the market. Buying online is a great option because you do not have to go through a traffic jam. You simply contact the online shops and see their catalog list. You can see various options for your favorite binoculars and related accessories. You can visit various forums about binoculars or photography. There you can freely ask fellow members of the forums and they will be happy to answer your questions.

We hope this article can provide an insight to anyone who wants to buy binoculars but has no experience for it. Good luck and happy searching for your dreamed binoculars!


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