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Joe Dumars to resign? 0


The Detroit Pistons have failed to meet the high expectations set for the club upon bringing in big names like Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings during the off-season. Most people figured the Pistons would be in the thick of the playoff race in the east, but a miserable display has found the Pistons sitting on a less-than-stellar 28-49 record.

Rumors have suggested that President, and former Pistons’ great, Joe Dumars, is likely to hang it up, and could resign as soon as next week.

Per The Detroit News:

Dumars has told multiple sources within the NBA that he plans to resign — possibly as soon as this week — after a busy offseason that included the signings of high-priced free agents Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings and led to an underachieving 2013-14 season. The Pistons, who many experts picked to return to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, are 28-49 and out of playoff contention.

Dumars has that rare quality of winning as a player and as an executive. Winning back-to-back with the Detroit Pistons (as a player) in 1989 and 1990. Dumars also managed to make two consecutive trips to the Finals, as President of Operations, in 2004 and 2005, winning the NBA title in 2004.

ESPN analyst, Stephen A. Smith had this to say about Joe Dumars.

“Assuming that he resigns, (his legacy is) simple,” said Stephen A. Smith. “I think that when the dust clears, he’ll be known as an elite executive and champion. Championships as a player and a coach.”

“Two straight Finals and six straight conference finals as an executive. This man knew how, showed how, to build a team, showed how to keep guys together and focused on the prize.”

Not a bad run for a former guard, who helped win NBA titles in the Michael Jordan era. Dumars also understood the game well enough to bring the same winning dynamic to the team as the President of Operations. One of his most notable moves was securing four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Ben Wallace, from the Orlando Magic, in a move that sent the often-injured Grant Hill to The Sunshine State.




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