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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Oscar Robertson better than Jordan, Lebron 0

Is this man better than Lebron/Jordan? One legend thinks so..
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As the short-lived debate between Kevin Durant and LeBron James is probably over, and LeBron has supplanted himself as the clear-cut best player in the world today, the discussion has transitioned to James’ place with the legends of the game. Specifically. there has been a growing debate between LeBron, and the all-time great Michael Jordan. People like to have fun and imagine if the two were to play one-on-one, and who would win such a match up. Michael Jordan has expressed his opinion on the matter, and more importantly, so has Sports-Kings co-founder Andy Flint.

However, another all-time great has a different horse in the race, sort of. Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says that there is a player better than both Lebron and MJ, and he is not even talking about himself. Kareem’s choice? Oscar Robertson.

Here is what he said to Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio via ProBasketballTalk:

LeBron is awesome, MJ was awesome — but I think Oscar Robinson would have kicked them both in the behind,” said Abdul-Jabbar when asked about James and Jordan. “Absolutely. Oscar was awesome. He had brains. […] He had all the skills.

“He could rebound and box out guys four and six inches taller than him. He was ruggedly built. He had fluid, quickness, and just understood the game. No flair, he just got the job done every night. Who’s going to average double figures in points, assists and rebounds?”

I never had the pleasure of watching Oscar grace the court, and growing up in the Jordan/Lebron era obviously plagues me with some form of bias, but I would have to disagree with Kareem here. Oscar Robertson is obviously one of the best players in the history of the league, and Kareem’s statement is not even far-fetched. However, any time you have these conversations, Oscar aside, I always have to take into account the evolution of the athlete during the generation of advanced medicine and technology. Even though we talk about it constantly, I still don’t think people fully grasp how incredible, and downright unfair it is that LeBron James is so strong and quick for a man his size.

What do you think? What match up would you like to see one-on one? Comment below and let us know!

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder


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