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Kevin Durant: “I’m shooting too much” 0


Even Superman had days where he questioned himself. Kevin Durant is no different. Aside from the whole shooting lasers from his eyes stuff. Durant has certainly shouldered a heavy load since Russell Westbrook has been out, and he’s starting to question the way he’s playing the game.

“I’m not doing enough to help them,” Durant said of his teammates. “I’m shooting too much. I’m shooting too many 3s. I’m not helping them out at all. So it’s not on them.”

Westbrook had surgery on December 24th, and the Thunder are 5-4 in his absence. Durant has been amazing, but he’s hard on himself. Nobody can do it all. Every Batman needs a Robin. Thunder head coach, Scott Brooks, says being hard on himself is a quality he likes in Kevin Durant.

“That’s what I love about him,” said Thunder coach Scott Brooks. “He’s always tough on himself.”

You like to see Durant not settling with an almost .500 record with Westbrook out. Durant wants to be great, and he knows that simply dropping 35 a night won’t help him reach that goal.

“The first few games without Russell, we did a great job moving the ball,” Durant said. “I think now I’m just flat out shooting too much. I have to find a way to get my teammates easier shots. I’ve been thinking these last few games in order for us to get it going I have to do it all offensively. But, nah, we have to do it together. It’s a great learning experience for me. It’s the first time I’ve really been in that type of position. But I just have to get everybody involved. I may have to pass up a few to find a better shot.”

The biggest issue is that the Thunder are built to run through both Durant and Westbrook. With Rusell missing time due to injury, it throws off the Thunder’s entire team balance. What was once a load shouldered by two superstars, has now become a burden placed squarely on the back of one man.


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