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Kevin Durant on Scoring Streak: ‘I wish it was over’ 0

Associated Press/AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Associated Press/AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Kevin Durant has put together a very impressive streak this season, recently passing Micheal Jordan with 41 consecutive games with 25 points or more. However, it seems Durant might be tired of hearing of his own scoring feats.

The last time Durant failed to score 25 points or more was the Jan. 5 game against the Boston Celtics. Since then, it seems as though the media may have gotten Durant a tad tired of hearing about the streak. Durant is a known competitor, and the fact that he is chasing his first championship this season may account for his attitude toward his scoring streak.

Even though Durant’s streak may forever be in the history books, if his team does not hoist the championship trophy come June, his competitive appetite will not be satisfied. On one hand, it is commendable that Durant may just be keeping his eye on the prize. But on another note, why would he want this scoring streak to be over?

Durant may have grown tired of the comparisons. However, it does not seem like the questions will stop any time soon. The longest streak of scoring 25 points or more  in NBA history belongs to Wilt Chamberlain at 106 games. While Durant may be a ways from reaching that point, he is inching closer to Oscar Robertson, who holds the number two spot with 47 consecutive 25+ games.

Even if Durant can’t wait for his scoring streak to end it has been fun to watch for the fans. Until it does come to and end, expect the comparisons and questions to continue.

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