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Larry Sanders Trolls Brandon Jennings 0

Photo Credit: USAToday

Following his  first workout last Tuesday, Brandon Jennings had a chance to gloat about the low post upgrade he will play with this season.

 Via Keith Langlois:

With the talent we have – we have two of the best young big men in the league right now, Drummond and Greg Monroe. You really don’t see that too much anymore. That was the David Robinson-Tim Duncan era, when they were together. Now that we have two of ’em – and two young guys –

I’m real excited to be able to play with those two. I haven’t been able to play with a guy who’s a post presence since Andrew Bogut, somebody you could throw it down to.

Now that I have a post presence, and another guy like Josh, who can go get a bucket, Drummond, we can do pick and roll – just all type of options now.

He also spoke about having to re-adjust his game for them which adds to the barbs slighting the Milwaukee Bucks post players.

Fortunately for us media members, Larry Sanders, one of the NBA’s most colorful personalities, had a terrific response to his former teammate’s high praise of Detroit’s big men.

Via Andrew Gruman, Bucks beat writer:

He has to pass it to them first.

While  Jennings may indeed have the more talented big men, Sanders is spot on about Jennings needing to pass them the ball. Two thumbs up to Sanders’ trolling response.




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