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Mark Cuban says Dwight Howard made a mistake 0


Remember back in July when Dwight Howard was the most sought after free agent in the NBA? Me too. So, you probably also remember that one of Dwight’s biggest suitors was Mark Cuban and his club, the Dallas Mavericks. That is, of course, just one of many teams who entered into the Dwight sweepstakes.

Cuban, like many others, was looking to secure Dwight Howard as his next building block. Obviously the allure of an aging Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t what Howard was interested in, as he eventually chose to sign with the Mavericks next-door neighbors, the Houston Rockets. The combination of Howard and blossoming star, James Harden, was enough to sell Howard on the idea of suiting up for a team who has boasted other centers, such as Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming.

Mark Cuban, being Mark Cuban, spoke out against Howard, saying he made a mistake in signing with the Rockets.

“Obviously, he made a mistake in judgment,”Cuban continued. “Do I blame him? No, that’s what young kids do. They make mistakes in judgment.”

This is, of course, the same mark Cuban who claimed, over the Summer, that the Mavericks were better off without Dwight after Dwight chose Houston.

“You choose teams,” Cuban said. “You don’t choose players. If he made a choice off of an individual player, yeah, he made a mistake. You choose teams. You choose organizations. You choose coaches. And it’s just not relative to Houston. That’s just the way I look at it, because if he’s that good, then the right organization … Put aside Dwight. Any young superstar looking to make a move, if you’re that good, then the right organization gets all the right pieces around you.

“So it’s not about, you’d rather play with this guy. If you’re that good and you have [salary cap] flexibility, the right organization will put the right pieces around you and get you there.”

I always enjoy the insights of Mark Cuban. He’s a very colorful character. Does he have a valid point, here, or is he just blowing steam because he’s still upset that the Dallas Mavericks didn’t land a star player this off-season?

“None,” Cuban said. “Not even a little bit, because I think we came out pretty good. If we were stuck, then maybe. But like I say about every other team, I hope they suck. I say that every year. It’s nothing personal. I still like Dwight as a person. But I still want the Rockets, like every other team, to have a horrible season. It’s nothing personal. I just want them to suck.”

I do give Cuban and the Mavericks credit for keeping Dirk and company afloat with acquisitions such as Monat Ellis and Jose Calderon. But, with Dirk’s clock ticking and their inability to land Howard in July, the time for a complete roster overhaul seems like it’s inching ever-closer by the day.

Both clubs are 1-0, and will face-off Friday (tonight) night in Houston. Hopefully, for Mark’s sake, Howard doesn’t decide to grab 30 rebounds tonight.


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