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Matt and Tad’s Excellent Previews: Giants VS Broncos Week 2 78

 Keys To Victory


1. Avoid turnovers

This killed the Giants last week. Between David Wilson’s fumble issues and Eli Manning throwing interceptions, the Cowboys took advantage of turnovers and got the W because of it. If the Giants have the same turnover issues, the Broncos will make them pay dearly and this game could get out of hand fast.

2. Solid running game

David Wilson was basically a no-show last week, so much so that the team went out and re-signed Brandon Jacobs this week in an attempt to have a viable running game. According to sources, Jacobs came into practice this week looking absolutely stacked at 6’4″ and 265 lbs. He’ll be their power back this week as they attempt to take a bit of the blandness out of the offense.

3. The secondary has to play like their lives depend on it

Everyone saw Peyton blow the defending champion Ravens out of the water to open the season. He threw for 7 touchdowns, which is downright ridiculous. If the Giants secondary wants to come even close to shutting down Peyton Manning, they’re going to need to play flat out of their minds. Whether they can do it or not is a whole different story, though. I honestly wonder if anyone can stop him when he plays like he did last week. Either way, if they don’t want to be torched they better leave everything on the field and then some.



1. Let Peyton throw

Peyton Manning is still the most lethal man in the NFL when the ball’s in his hands. He’s a smart guy that knows where to put the ball and when he has to do it. This game should, and will probably be, a shootout. If that happens the momentum is definitely in Denver’s favor. Wes Welker should have another banner day, fantasy football fans!

2. Rattle Eli

The Cowboys did it last week to great success. It still rings true this week. If the Broncos get in Eli’s face and make him try and make throws that aren’t smart, he’ll turn the ball over and miss throws. It’s going be up to the Broncos front seven to rattle him and keep the pressure on early and often.

3. Make Brandon Jacobs’ return forgettable

As I said before, Brandon Jacobs made his return to the G-Men this week and looks like a beast. He’s going to try and take a bit of the pressure off of Eli so the Broncos defense has to at least recognize the running game. By the end of the Cowboys game last week, the Cowboys didn’t really have much to worry about with the running game and thus could focus and bear down on Eli. Jacobs is going to want to show that he’s still got something left in the tank. He’ll want to show all of the teams that passed on signing him that they made a huge mistake. If the Broncos want to be successful on defense they need to shut him down.


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