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It’s 0nly been a few hours since NASCAR dropped the hammer down on Matt Kenseth and there are already a slew of drivers coming out of the wood work to give their opinion on the situation. While some of these response  are thought-provoking and honest, others are just biased and ridiculous

Such is the case with Matt Kenseth’s teammate, Denny Hamlin, who had the most incredibly ridiculous excuse for Kenseth’s actions on Sunday at Martinsville.  Although it is probably a given that Hamlin would probably choose to defend his teammate after the penalties were announced for Sunday’s incident, Hamlin definitely didn’t think his words through very well before tweeting them.

Thought it was pretty clear from drivers reactions after the race that Joey broke driver code. Matt made sure it was enforced.

First of all, what the heck is this drivers code that Denny Hamlin is going on about? Do drivers really think there is a code in place for how you are supposed to race someone, or is Hamlin just throwing things against the wall and hoping that they stick as an excuse? Secondly, what kind of code allows for a driver to take another driver out while leading the race?

While many fans are going to say that Logano deserved it for his actions at Kansas last month, let me be the first to say that those incidents were nowhere near the same. Taking a look at the Kansas incident, Logano and Kenseth were racing for the lead in the last laps and Logano had the faster car, which is a huge contrast from Kenseth wrecking Logano while he was over five laps down and his day was virtually  done.

Hopefully fans don’t buy into this drivers code crap and they realize the incident for what it really was, and that’s cowardly and horrific. Like it or not, Logano should be the one locked into Homestead right now, he should be the one with the grandfather clock and he should be the one getting his car perfect for the championship race at Homestead. Harsh truths I know, but true none the less.



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