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NBA GM: ‘You Can’t Use A Top-Five Pick’ On Joel Embiid Now 0

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All NBA mock drafts were thrown for a loop when Kansas center Joel Embiid, who many think could be the first pick in the draft, suffered a foot injury that will require immediate surgery. Naturally, many think teams will now be hesitant to select the big man, with thoughts of Greg Oden sure to be in the back of their mind. One anonymous NBA GM agrees with being hesitant about Embiid, saying you can no longer use a top-five pick on him now:

“I think there is a point at which you use a pick on him, where you’re hoping maybe these are just fluke things that are not going to be recurring,” one general manager told Sporting News. “But that point is not in the Top 5 or so. You can’t use a Top 5 pick. I think there are too many other good options there to think about using the pick on one who has these injury problems.”

I have to agree with the GM’s assessment. In a normal draft class, Embiid still isn’t falling out of the top 3. However, there are just so many viable options that pose less risk than taking a big man who now has a legitimate injury history, especially one in the leg/foot area. I will be very curious to see just how far Embiid now falls in the draft, and the answer to that will undoubtedly be the biggest story-line of the entire draft.

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