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NBA Scout says Kyrie Irving is overrated; compares him to Stephon Marbury 0

Is Kyrie Irving the next Stephon Marbury?

An anonymous Western Conference scout went off on Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, Kyrie Irving. The scout praised Irving and his talents, but also exposed Kyrie for his flaws. According to the unnamed source, Irving might be a great scorer, but he’s not a winner. In fact, the scout went on to say that Kyrie is overrated and compared him to former NBA pariah, Stephon Marbury.

Via ESPN/NBA Insiders:

“I think Kyrie is overrated because he’s the anointed one; he was the first pick in the draft, and his team doesn’t win,” said the scout.

“I think Kyrie is Stephon Marbury. Marbury was a great talent, too, but he never won. Steph was a pain in the butt, and Kyrie’s not like that. He’s not malicious. He’s smart, he’s more polished than Marbury. He’s got the commercials and he’s an engaging personality, but engaging only takes you so far. I really think he’s just a scorer, and that’s what Steph was. Kyrie can do whatever he wants to. He’s got the ball on a string, he can get in the lane whenever he wants, but so far, he’s chosen just to be a scorer rather than getting other guys involved. Guys say he doesn’t trust his teammates, but you’re talking about Luol Deng and Tristan Thompson. Those are good players. I’m just not buying into Kyrie.”

To be fair to Kyrie, he was drafted as the face of a franchise that just lost LeBron James the year prior. The Cavs haven’t exactly placed a ton of talent around Kyrie and the young guard from Duke has been injured in both his previous two years in the NBA. With the addition of Luol Deng, and playing in the dreadful Eastern Conference this season, there isn’t any excuse for Kyrie and the Cavs to not make the playoffs this season. Otherwise, fellow NBA gurus may begin to take this same stance of Irving being overrated.


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