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Premier League Watch – Cardiff v Brighton & Hove Albion 0

It is now Brighton’s second season in the Premier League, and Cardiff’s first season back after a long absence of a couple of years. Both of the teams, for the most part, were fairly evenly matched, and they were both hoping to pull something out of the bag.

To be honest; Brighton did go into the match with an expectation of winning it. However, Cardiff seemed to want it more. It was a hard-fought battle, with Brighton knocking a goal in at half time, but when the second half rolled around, they were in trouble. They had a sending off, and Cardiff knocked in another goal.  At this point, Brighton would have been happy walking away with a point, but it was not meant to be. They banged a goal in over the last minute of the game, and it was all over for Brighton.

Many pundits are even arguing that the final goal was offside, and it is clear that if you view the replay of the goal, there are several people who could have been called for being offside. Why the ref or the linesman were not able to spot this is anybody’s guess. In fact, why nobody decided to use the VAR system that they have in place to tell whether it was a goal or not is anybody’s guess. The game certainly went in favor of Cardiff, leaving Brighton without any points for their hard work.

As for the Dale Stephens sending off? Well, we reckon that he needs to upload the video to a site like Porn Hub or one of the other review sites, because he got completely screwed with that card. Sure, it can probably be argued that he did go in with his studs up, but when the video camera is slowed down, and you listen to the pundits, it was really an ‘accident’. Hell, he barely even touched the fella. This is the type of sending off which wouldn’t happen any other day of the week.

Alas, it is going to be onwards and upwards for both of these sides in the Premier League. Both of them are likely to stay up this season, with Brighton probably being the safest of the two. It is just a shame that only one of them left this match with some points in their hands.



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