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Proper Care for Your San Diego Padres Jerseys 5

San Diego Padres jerseys can have high value, especially if they are rare and hard to find. Proper care will help them last a long time and allow you to resell if you choose.

Jerseys with Jerseys

Only wash your jerseys with other jerseys and not with other clothes, like jeans or T-shirts. Wash colored jerseys with similar colors and white jerseys with only other white jerseys. If you put it in the machine alone, then it just floats on top of the water and won’t get clean.

Use a Neutral Detergent

Not every laundry detergent is created equal and different products can be harmful to some jerseys. Chemicals can be harsh, which is why it’s recommended that you don’t dry clean a jersey.

Wash Carefully

Before washing, turn the jersey inside out. This can help preserve the sewn letters and logos. Only wash in cold water. Jerseys should be unbuttoned to prevent any buttons from breaking off during the wash. You should choose a gentle cycle. If the jersey has some extra dirt on it, then a regular cycle can work in a pinch. Hand washing is also always an option. Be sure to not use any bleach.

Don’t Put It in the Dryer

It’s never okay to put a jersey in the dryer, even on low heat. Dryers can shrink the jersey and any stains can set to become permanent. Hang dry your jerseys and, if you are in a rush to have it dry, know that mesh and polyester dry faster since the fabric is designed for moisture to evaporate quickly. When you hang dry, use a smooth plastic hanger or a thick wood hanger so there aren’t bumps around the shoulders. You also don’t want to iron your jersey.

Keep Away from Moisture and Light

If you own San Diego Padres jerseys that are signed, then you should keep yours out of humid environments and natural light. These environments can cause mold and mildew. If your jersey isn’t a hanging piece of memorabilia décor and is just hanging in your closet, make sure you have it on a good hanger that can distribute weight evenly.

Pre-Treat Stains

If you do get a stain on your jersey, pre-treat it as soon as you can. There are different methods for removing stains, which include using club soda and salt. Blot a fresh stain to soak up any excess liquid. Sprinkle the stain with salt and then pour club soda over that area. Leave the club soda and salt on the area for a few hours Reblot the area and then sweep the area to remove any salt. You then want to wash with care.



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