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Report: Eric Bledsoe had meniscus removed 0


Phoenix Suns’ guard, Eric Bledsoe rolled the dice and took the ultimate gamble with his right knee injury. Bledsoe tore his meniscus, but opted to have it removed, rather than repaired.

The difference between removing the meniscus and simply repairing is big. Bledsoe would have likely missed the remainder of the 2013-14 NBA season, had he opted to get his knee repaired. By removing the meniscus, instead, the recovery timetable is closer to 4-6 weeks. But, the big difference is the way it could shorten Bledsoe’s career.

Dwyane wade had his meniscus removed back in 2002, a move he now regrets. It didn’t affect him right away, but it has ultimately appeared to shorten the longevity of his once outstanding career. You could have argued that by 2007 or so, Wade was the league’s second or third best player. The toll taken from the removed meniscus has really come to light in the past few seasons, as D-Wade looks less like Flash, and more like a 35-year old vet, who has moments that remind us of what was once a great NBA talent. Not to say Wade isn’t great anymore, but he’s certainly not the Wade of old.

Bledsoe will be back to help the Suns this season, but at what cost? The explosive combo-guard has a lot of similar qualities to Wade, in terms of speed and athletic ability. Hopefully this speedy route isn’t one he regrets down the road.

Note that Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose both opted to have their meniscus repaired, versus having it removed.



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