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Rival executive on J.R. Smith: “Only an idiot would want him” 0

A rival executive said “only an idiot” would want J.R. Smith

Talk about being blunt. The good ol’ “anonymous” source, or in this case general manager, in all likelihood said what most people have thought for quite some time about J.R. Smith: “Only an idiot would want him.” And nobody will ever confuse Smith for having a high hoops I.Q.

What’s worse is the New York Knicks may have been hoodwinked by J.R. Smith and his career year last season. Maybe it was J.R. Smith’s elbow to Jason Terry in last year’s playoff game that started J.R. Smith’s self-inflicted demise. Shortly after the playoffs ended prematurely for the Knicks, Smith would sign a contract to stay with the team only to have surgery while the ink on the contract was still drying. Then, of course, the suspension for a third failed drug test delayed Smith’s 2013-2014 season and things have gone awry ever since.

This, coupled with the Knicks horrific start, has forced the team to possibly pursuit trading away Smith. Unfortunately for the Knicks and their fans, there probably won’t be a trade partner for Smith as he’s killed any value he may have had on the market. And as one GM put it, “Is it April Fool’s Day?”

Via Adam Zagoria/ NY Knicks Blog:

Amid multiple reports that the Knicks are shopping J.R. Smith, the reaction among rival executives  is predictable.

“Is it April Fool’s Day?” one rival executive asked

The executive added that “everybody” has heard the Knicks want to deal Smith.

“Of course [they want to trade him], but only an idiot would take him. Can Steve Mills trade him to himself?”

In fact, the only spot open for J.R. Smith may not even be in this country! Of course the executive was making light of the fact that Smith has no value. But the way he’s played this season would resemble someone on their way out of the NBA.

“I hear Shanghai has a spot,” one rival GM told Ken Berger of about a potential Smith trade.

Hopefully Smith can turn things around. This has been a nightmare start of the season for him and the Knicks desperately need him to get back on track. Tonight’s game against the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden would be a good start.




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