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Thaddeus Young denies requesting a trade 0

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat

So, by now you’ve read that Thaddeus Young has requested a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers. No? Well, the scoop is right here. A rumor broke yesterday (the 19th) claiming that Thaddeus formally requested a trade from the Sixers. Of course, this rumor was credited to a random source (aren’t they always), and now Thad is claiming that they’re untrue.

Thaddeus was quick to shoot down the rumors from, simply saying “no” he didn’t request a trade.

“I just think how it’s all funny that it’s ‘sources’ said I asked to be traded,” Young said Friday morning. “At the end of the day, I’m here 110-percent every single game to just play, stay focused and try to win basketball games.”

Look, it’s no secret that the Sixers weren’t going to be a good team this season. They dealt away their best player (Jrue Holida) in order to secure some building blocks for the future. They have some talented pieces that could be on the block. Thaddeus and Evan Turner being the most obvious ones, but it’s hard to sell the thought that Young didn’t realize the state of this current team. He seems like a bright guy. I find it hard to believe that he’d think of the Sixers as a contender this year.

Young knows that the NBA is a business, and that rumors, including trade rumors, are part of that business. Letting things like this roll of your back is vital in this business.

“To tell you the truth, I saw it, I laughed, and I started playing with my kids,” Young said. “I can’t let anything get me upset. I just have to keep playing, keep being focused and keep being the family man I am. I went back to playing with my kids. They were at home, smiling and playing, and that was happy for me.”

Perhaps Thaddeus ends up being a deadline trade, and lands in a situation where he can help a team on the verge of competing for a chip.



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