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Tom Thibodeau talks teams he’d coach 0


The Chicago Bulls head coach, Tom Thibodeau , has been a hot topic of discussion as the Memphis Grizzlies look to land their next head coach. The Grizzlies are reportedly looking for any angles they can find in order to land Thibs as their new head honcho, but you’d have to think that the Chicago Bulls would be reluctant to give up such a talented head coach without a fight.

Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls have reportedly had their ups and downs as of late, which has in turn fueled the possibility that the two could part ways in the near future, although the Grizzlies seems to be out of the running, as Ric Bucher claims Thibodeau would only consider one other coaching position, and it’s not the Grizzlies. Bucher claims that Thibodeau prefers the New York Knicks.

“There’s only one place that Thibodeau would really push to go elsewhere, and that’s to go back to the New York Knicks,” Bucher said. “That, I’m told by one source, is actually his dream job, to go back and get the Knicks back on the map. But short of that, he realizes that no matter where he goes, the grass isn’t always greener.”

Now, before we get all excited, please understand that this is the same Ric Bucher who went on ESPN and ranked Russell Westbrook higher than Kevin Durant. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, then perhaps this report is right up your alley.


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