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Hey Dolphins, Take a Knee for Barkley

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Columnist: Pat Nicoloff

The Dolphins may not suck enough for Luck. But don’t get carried away guys. You don’t wanna win your way outta the top of the QB class. Matt Moore does not get the luxury of KC this week, so they should be safe. If they get back to their losing ways, they’ll have a QB that went blow for blow with Luck and his Stanford crew. Matt Barkley would drastically change the outlook in South Beach. Hype train not in tow; he’s quietly one hell of a prospect.

Left Tackle, the other huge concern of any GM, is luckily in place for the Dolphins. They’ve also got a huge target on the outside, in Marshall, who’s been waiting for a well-thrown deep ball since wearing a Bronco on his helmet. Pass rusher? Check. Cameron Wake would be noticed if he could get a non-garbage-time sack. Yeah, there’s holes, but they’re truly not more than a good draft class away from being a relevant team again. They’ve played plenty of people close, but fortunately for them they know how to blow a game, as opposed to the more obvious kneel down method. Their patented brand of suck will have its rewards.

As long the Dolphins don’t get too carried away with this winning thing, and they won’t; their fans might as well start ordering Barkley jerseys. Oh, and your search for a new coach always goes smoother with a new gunslinger sauntering into the fray. Kneel if ya have to in the meantime.

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