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Houston Rockets Twitter Follows Dwight Howard and Other Orlando Trade Pieces?

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The trade speculation around Dwight Howard may be at an all time high. The latest development to this story? Check this out, Dwight Howard and other Magic teammates Jason Richardson, Glen Davis, and Chris Duhon were all followed by the official Houston Rockets twitter account last night. Consecutively.

Since he demanded a trade from the Orlando Magic, there have been countless rumors flying around regarding possible destinations for the league’s best center. The Nets, Lakers, Rockets, and Hawks have all been potential destinations.

After the Brooklyn Nets practically dropped out of the sweepstakes, the Houston Rockets still seem to be furiously looking for a way to bring Dwight Howard to Houston. They have the young talent and draft picks that could possibly make this work.

So what does this mean?

Maybe the Rockets have something in place. Maybe they’re just being optimistic. Or maybe it means nothing.

After the Nets pulled out of the running, Dwight Howard denied management’s request to give the new coaching staff in Orlando a shot for a year. He still wants to be dealt.


By: Mark Evans- Senior NBA Writer


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