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Hue Jackson is delusional about Andy Dalton

  • Jim Racalto


I have always said that in any sport, every player and coach is going to say he believes he is the best at what he does. Otherwise, why are they even there?

Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is no different, and after recent comments he made, I don’t think anyone is going to accuse him of not being supportive of his players. Jackson says that he believes the best QB/WR combo in the NFL is Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

A case can definitely be made for Green, let’s hold the phone on Dalton, Hue.


“I think they’re the best in the game in my opinion,” Jackson said. “I know people will fight that and say differently, but I’ve watched these guys and these guys have grown. They came in together. They started off hot, they’re still hot. Every year statistically, they’ve gotten better.”

“I think both of these guys are in the prime of their careers,” Jackson said. “I wouldn’t change the two guys I have for anybody at this point because these guys know how to do it together.”

Out of the two, Dalton is definitely the one with question marks when talking about his extremely inconsistent post-season play. He is constantly being bailed out by Green’s ability to beat double-teams and win jump-balls.

2014 is a contract year for Dalton, so we’ll see if he can make the leap from question mark to the top-tier, but as far as best combos go, there’s no question Green is the bread winner in that equation. Kudos to Hue, it’ll be on him as OC to make Dalton look as good as he thinks he is.

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