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Irish Betting site refunding money placed on Manny Pacquiao

  • Justin Arbogast

Last night was one of the most discussed boxing matches in recent history, and not in a good way for the face of the sport.

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In a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley at the MGM grand in Las Vegas, Bradley was dubbed the winner in a split decision match that went through all twelve scheduled rounds. Many analysts and score cards had Pacquiao winning in a landslide. Some were generous and gave Bradley three rounds, but not the seven in which he supposedly won.

A match up that sent Twitter into a frenzy when the decision was announced, it clearly was not the outcome that the world was expecting. So much so that an Irish Betting website is refunding all monies placed on Manny Pacquiao. In response to the controversial outcome, the betting site Paddy Power has issued Justice Refunds to all betters that placed a wager on Pacman, per, and Paddy Power’s Twitter account.


The replies by fans were noticed quickly, many happy that they were going to serve justice for an unfair bout. The site had the refunds back in to betters accounts within an hour or the announcement.


I commend them on doing this for the fans, it’s respectable and they show they agree on the fix. Manny was robbed last night, and I’m not the only one calling the fight a fix. Hell, even Bradley himself tweeted a poster of the already-scheduled rematch for November 10th, a week and a half in advance of the June 9th showdown.


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