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Is it Time for the Christian Ponder Era in Minnesota?

  • Andy Flint

As I sit here and witness the beating that Donovan McNabb is taking at the hands of the Chicago Bears, I wonder to myself, When is enough enough? Christian Ponder just entered the game with about 14:45 left in the 4th quarter. The unlikely 12th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft needs to take over for the Minnesota Vikings. It’s time. Donovan McNabb is clearly done and Ponder isn’t doing anyone any good sitting on the bench.

Ponder, the former Florida State Seminole standout, and likely future general for this struggling Vikings club, possesses all the intangibles. Minnesota fans have often endured older quarterbacks stepping in and trying to salvage broken playoff hopes. Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb being the most recent and notable of the bunch. Is a rookie arm just what the Vikings need? I think so. At the rate the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers are playing so far this season, any shot at making the playoffs seems silly, so the importance of introducing and developing their young stud seems like a necessity.

The harsh reality of this situation seems like it’s one that will leave long-time producer, Donovan McNabb, once again re-evaluating his situation. Minnesota is McNabb’s 3rd team in as many seasons and he’s likely looking at the end to his great NFL career. As Ponder gets set to take his 2nd run at the Chicago Bears defense, it seems pretty clear that this is the direction Minnesota will be looking to go from here on out.

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