Ivan Nova the best Pitcher in the World?

  • Andy Flint

Bryan Hoch who covers the Yankees for MLB.com reports on twitter that Ivan Nova believes he’s the best pitcher in the world.

Nova won his 15th straight decision yesterday. So far in the 2012 campaign Nova has a 3.79 ERA, with 20 strikeouts, and a 3-0 record. He certainly doesn’t have best pitcher in the world numbers, but he’s helping the Yankees win games. From a team standpoint that’s all that matters.




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15 Responses to Ivan Nova the best Pitcher in the World?

  • Actually, this will give you a good idea about who’s the best in MLB right now.

  • Has this guy watched stephen strasburg pitch or roy holiday? nova might be in the top 25, but anytime you make a statement like that, you will take it to the next step like Eli Manning did (same class, not “best” comment) or you can just as easily fall on your face as you might get your opposition even more riled up. Earth to Nova: STOP LIVING IN A VACCUM AND GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE! Self congratulatory comments are demeaning and sometimes, beyond ludicrous, even if every major leaguer who takes the mound should have that can do attitude and keep it to himself!!

    • Nova isn’t even close to being a top 25 pitcher.

    • It’s Halladay, not Holiday! Try to understand these writers put this stuff out there for public consumption so you’ll do their work for them! MLB players have different mindsets than average individuals and are absolutely convinced to believe they’re the best! That level of confidence is key to their success and it all starts with belief!

      • I agree with this post 100%. It’s very similar to Eli Manning saying he’s an elite QB before the season last year.

  • As a Yankee fan, I find that as a “No Class” statement. He should take a history lesson on how to be a true “Yankee” by the examples of the likes of Joe DiMaggio or Lou Gehrig, who didn’t “Blow their own Horn” but set the example of what true “Class” really is.

  • hey Ivan, are you crazy making a statement like that??it’s only april,and not for nothing kid a 3.79 era is nothing to brag about.You are putting a bulls eye on you for every ambulance chasing reporter to attack,,WAKE UP DUMMY,,,,

  • as a former double A pitcher in the Red Sox organization back in the early 70’s…I identify with what he said..although not very humble…but he has to inwardly feel he is the best pitcher in the world as facing major league hitters has much to do with mental confidence almost as much as physical attributes.

  • Why does everyone take everything so seriously.He knows he’s not the best.What would you like him to say “I stink?”He is pretty good tho & will continue to improve.

  • Give the guy a break. It’s rookie talk, tongue in cheek. I’m sure he knows he’s not the best pitcher in the world, he just feels that way. I’m glad he feels that way, though. He’s confident, he believes he has what it takes to be great, he has no fear. He never looses his composure, even if he’s in a jam. I guess playing for the greatest sports franchise on earth is what makes him feel he’s the best.

  • If it helps him pitch thinking that he is the worlds best pitcher. Go for it. Props to you. Go big dog. Pump yourself up and be all you can be.

  • I really think the language barrier had a lot to do with how he responded to the question.

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