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Jacksonville Jaguars new uniforms

  • Stephen Kettner

jaguars-uniforms side view

It was widely rumored that when Nike took over the NFL uniforms before the 2012 season that we would see some wild uniform combinations. They started with the Seattle Seahawks uniforms, even though the Seahawks get up wasn’t as wild as the Oregon Ducks. However, it was much different than the norm. Nike has now unveiled the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars new digs and they are much more different than your typical NFL uniforms.

The half black/half gold matte helmet is a different concept. The hints of teal on the shoulder pads and numbers adds a nice touch (on the black jersey), while the outline of gold put the whole uniform together. The teal jersey is a bit bright, but will really stand out when they are on the field. The white uniforms are pretty dull, different number script but do have the black sleeves.

This must be the first step in the direction of the Nike takeover. Oregon comes out with new jersey’s on a game basis, so we can only imagine what Nike has in store for a bigger spotlight. If this is just the tip of the iceberg then watch out!




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