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Jake Peavy Rips Yankees And The Stadium

  • Jason Whitney

Jake Peavy voices his displeasure for the Yankees’ approach at the plate and their ballpark

Jake Peavy was a bit peeved after his start against the Yankees, which turned into 4-0 loss thanks largely to the home run ball. Peavy unleashed his thoughts on Yankee Stadium:

“They hit the ball in the air and it’s a home run,”

Sounds like sour grapes to me. I didn’t hear Peavy complaining the night before when the White Sox jacked four dingers out of the ballpark. Did Peavy forget the White Sox just came into Yankee Stadium and took the first two games against the AL East leaders?  Jake Peavy wasn’t done however.

“Every guy is standing right on the plate,” Peavy said. “How many balls get hit to the left side of the field? None. They have no interest in hitting the ball that way.

“Except Robinson Cano,” Peavy added. “That’s why he’s hitting .300, because he will use the whole field. Those guys are great hitters, so why wouldn’t you? They hit the ball in the air and it’s a home run.”

Peavy would end his rant by reiterating his displeasure for the stadium.

“You have to keep the ball out of the air in this ballpark,” Peavy said. “The ball gets in the air, you got no chance. Obviously that happened three times.”

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