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Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard nearly brawled?

  • Jim Racalto

Annoyance has been a common theme ever since the hoopla surrounding Dwight Howard’s impending departure from the Orlando Magic became a hot topic months ago. Howard is consistently losing respect from fans and analysts, and apparently it doesn’t stop there. Word out of Orlando is that Howard and Magic point guard Jameer Nelson nearly came to fisticuffs a couple months back.

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This is just the latest in a string of events that have caused many within the Magic organization to grow tired of Howard. Several of Howard’s teammates are hoping for his departure as well. Toward the end of last season, Howard came close to a physical altercation with teammate Jameer Nelson at the Magic’s practice facility. Howard was sidelined with a back injury at the time, but nearly came to blows with Nelson for unknown reasons, according to sources. The two players had to be separated.

Nelson recently opted-out of his contract with the Magic. Despite all the controversy surrounding Dwight Howard, it’s safe to assume Nelson wouldn’t have gotten the better of the exchange had the two actually thrown down. Hopefully soon, Howard stops being a large child, lands in a place he wants to play, and gets back to basketball.

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