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James Dolan blocked deal that would have landed the Knicks Kyle Lowry

  • Jason Whitney

Kyle Lowry was nearly a Knick before James Dolan blocked the trade

The struggling New York Knicks have been in the proverbial basketball rumor mill since the start of the NBA season. It started with Carmelo Anthony declaring he would opt out of his contract to test the market in free agency. It didn’t stop there either as James Dolan changed general managers days before the start of training camp. Fast forward to the Knicks sluggish 6-15 start and everything from players to even coaches have been mentioned in possible trades for the Knicks.

The latest juicy rumor that has filled the tabloids on the back of the papers in New York City is a potential trade that would land the Knicks Kyle Lowry. The Toronto Raptors point guard is said to be the next piece moved by the Raptors and the Knicks have had poor play out of their point guards this season. Raymond Felton looks like he may be playing for your local YMCA men’s league team in about a month and Pablo Prigioni has yet to see consistent minutes this season. So it would seem logical that a trade for Kyle Lowry to the Knicks would make sense. That is, however, until James Dolan found out the details were leaked to the press and reportedly became “enraged” upon hearing about it. This led the Knicks owner to block the deal – at least for now.

Via NY Daily News:

Within the span of 15 hours, the Knicks had reached a decision to acquire Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry before the trade was vetoed — at least for now — by Garden chairman James Dolan, the Daily News has learned.

According to a source familiar with the talks, Dolan had second thoughts about trading for Lowry and was also — what else? — enraged that details of the proposed deal had been leaked to the media.

According to several reports, the Knicks were prepared to trade Raymond Felton and Metta World Peace plus Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr. or a 2018 first-round pick. The Raptors preferred the first-round pick, but Dolan — who negotiated the Carmelo Anthony trade with Raptors GM Masai Ujiri when Ujiri was with the Denver Nuggets — got cold feet about trading a future asset. That could open the door for the Nets to acquire Lowry.

If the reports are indeed true, the Knicks would then owe the Raptors their 2016 and 2018 first round draft picks if they agreed upon that option. Also, it should be noted that Kyle Lowry is on an expiring deal, which means the Knicks could trade away assets and lose Lowry if he chooses to play somewhere else after this season. You have to question the thought process of whoever is running the Knicks right now. They have ran off two general managers and made a boatload of questionable decisions. It would seem that your average 17-year-old that is playing franchise mode on NBA2k could do a better job running the Knicks than the current regime.

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