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Jason Collins Joining Michelle Obama at DNC Fundraiser, Tickets $32,400

  • Ryan Kantor

As I’m sure you’ve heard Jason Collins, a free agent NBA Center, announced that he is homosexual. Since his announcement, he’s received calls from major political figures (including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) and received extremely positive media reaction.

Now, with his new-found celebrity, the NBA Center is dipping his toes into beltway politics and is currently raising money for President Obama, who recently “changed” his opinion on the same-sex marriage. From

Collins is also veering into the world of politics. This week, it was announced that he will join Mrs. Obama in headlining the Democratic National Committee’s annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council Gala event. Collins has now become so popular that he will be a big fundraising draw for a political party who will try to use him as much as possible. Tickets for the event will cost as much as $32,400, a pretty steep price to pose for pictures with a seldom used back-up.

Teams have shied away from giving now free agent Tim Tebow a contract for fear of “Tebowmania,” as the media circus that surrounds him is called. Jason Collins did the right thing to wait until he was free agent to make his public profession. Had he gone public while he was on a team, it would have taken all the attention away from his teammates and put it squarely on himself. Now as a free agent, like Tebow, teams may consider the media frenzy that will likewise surround him before offering a contract. The two free agents have interesting an offseason ahead.

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Ryan Kantor is an author at Sports-Kings. He is a life-long Yankees fan and a proud Clemson alumnus, residing in North Carolina, where he works in marketing research. For more stories like this, you can visit his personal blog at and follow him on Twitter at @Ryan_Kantor.

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