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JaVale McGee Thunderous Dunk Over Joakim Noah

  • LeRoyMcConnell III

When you hear the name Javale McGee, one of two things come to mind:  The BUTT of all jokes or  My LAMB! Did you see that thunderous dunk!  Either way, he can leave NBA fans scratching their heads, as they would wonder only if Javale could put it all together.  If you want a good NBA laugh check out some of McGee’s bloopers on youtube.  He is known as NBA’s “Can’t Get Right”.  But this isn’t a night to make fun of the 25-year-old  Denver Nugget’s center who is as athletic as they come, just ask Joakim Noah.

For every Javale blooper that goes viral, you will also see something just amazing from him!

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