Jerry West says the Lakers can win against any playoff team, hopes the Heat break his old win streak

  • Jason Whitney

Jerry West said he believes the Lakers have a chance against anyone in the playoffs

Jerry West is one of the smartest basketball minds the league has ever known. For crying out loud, he’s the logo of the NBA! As an executive, West found talent through the draft, trades and free agency. Just a pure gem when it comes to hoops. So when West says the Lakers have a shot against any playoff team in the Western Conference, you listen.

Via LaTimes:

If the Lakers make the playoffs, which looks more and more likely, Jerry West has an idea of how they’ll do.

“I definitely wouldn’t want to play them, I know that,” West said. “I think they’d have a chance against anyone.”

West has succeeded as an executive, coach and consultant with teams like the  Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies and currently the Golden State Warriors. The “Logo” did acknowledge that the Lakers would want to try to avoid the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma Thunder because they are difficult matchups for them.

“I think if the Lakers would have their preference, they probably wouldn’t want to play Denver. I don’t think anyone would want to play them,” West said Thursday on a conference call. “Denver has proven they can win on the road and they just don’t lose at home.”

West then said Memphis would be a tough matchup for the Lakers, comparing the Grizzlies to a “bunch of pack dogs” because of their defense. “To me, they’ve got the most underrated player in the league on their team in Marc Gasol,” West said.

When asked about the incredible streak the Miami Heat are on and how he feels about the Heat potentially breaking a record he helped set of 33 consecutive victories set in 1971-72 by the Lakers, West said thinks it be wonderful and great for the league.

“Honestly, I think they’ve got an incredible chance to do it,” West said. “I really do. And people say to me, ‘Does it bother you?’ Absolutely not. I think it’s great for the league and I’m delighted obviously for my friend Pat Riley to be able to maybe replicate this not only as an executive but as a player. It’s pretty special.

“If they would break it, my gosh, I think it would be a wonderful story. I have no problem with that.”

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