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BREAKING NEWS: Jets “Can’t Wait” to Cut LB Bart Scott

  • Arun Morace

As per reports from and Newsday, the New York Jets are apparently getting ready to cut defensive captain Bart Scott, who is owed $5.6 million in 2012. Scott’s declining play (66 tackles in 2011, his worst total since 2004), his hefty paycheck and his advancing age (he’ll be 32 by the start of the 2012 season) are all mitigating factors in the Jets’ alleged decision to cut ties with Scott.

Second year linebacker Josh Mauga took a lot of reps from Scott, and could replace Scott in the starting lineup in 2012 if the Jets don’t bring in another linebacker via free agency or the draft. The Jets’ decision to get rid of Scott could be the first domino to fall in a potential cleaning of house, as offensive coordinator Brian Scottenheimer and quarterback Mark Sanchez are also reportedly on the chopping block as well.


-by lead columnist Arun Morace

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One Response to BREAKING NEWS: Jets “Can’t Wait” to Cut LB Bart Scott

  • Man, if Sanchez goes, I’d have to say Rex Ryan doesn’t have too many seasons left in NY. His defense was not as stout this year, even downright horrible, which is unlike Rex Ryan. Ultimately, if these rumors are true about Sanchez, this will set NY back a few years, which will probably mean Ryan is sent packing.

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