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Jobless Tim Tebow turned down NFL inquiry and other offers

  • Jason Whitney

Tim Tebow has turned down offers from the NFL and CFL

Well, the kid is certainly determined. There aren’t too many Tim Tebow believers out there and even less NFL teams that think Timmy can play quarterback in the NFL, but that isn’t stopping Tebow from pursuing his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL. After being cut by the New England Patriots, Tebow held no regrets and was a typical class act in exiting. However, most NFL aficionados think this could be it for Tim Tebow, at least at the quarterback position. Tebow, however, still believes in himself.

“I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.”

What does this all mean? Well, Tebow apparently had another NFL team inquire about his services, but he turned them down. The reason? The NFL team that inquired about Tebow, wanted to know if he was interested in joining their squad in a position other than quarterback.

Via Yahoo Sports/TheMMQB’s Peter King:

According to TheMMQB’s Peter King, speaking Thursday night on the NBC broadcast, Tebow received an “inquiry” about joining an NFL team at a position other than quarterback. King reports that Tebow declined the request. He also has said no to Canadian football and US Rugby.

I’m not sure what ESPN will do if Tim Tebow isn’t on a team this year. For most of us, we can now get back to football and not hear the endless Tebow debates. However, it does seem like Tebow should be playing somewhere. Unfortunately, the baggage that comes with him probably scares most teams from bringing him in. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Tebow on some team before the season is done.

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