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Joe Rogan seriously says Ronda Rousey could beat Floyd Mayweather.

  • Jim Racalto

There are things some people say that just make me question their intelligence. UFC’s Joe Rogan just became one of them after insisting UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey could beat boxer Floyd Mayweather in a UFC-style bout.

While Rogan makes the point that Mayweather isn’t suited for Rousey’s ground game in the octagon, he completely ignores several factors. The first being men are much stronger naturally than women. I highly doubt that Rousey could keep Mayweather down for long, even with her high level of skill. Rousey is 9-0 in a marginally competitive women’s division. I would have to say her competition thus far is just a little less than that of the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer.

Secondly, UFC gloves are much smaller than boxing. If Rousey did not succeed in clinching Mayweather, it would take one punch for him to KO her. There’s a reason men fight men, and women fight women. Rousey’s skill is undeniable, she dominates her division. I have the utmost respect for her. But Rogan has to be out of his mind, and clearly knows little about boxing. Mayweather has spent decades in the gym, and is undefeated in his own right.

It is possible that Rousey could make it interesting, but there’s literally no chance she beats Mayweather. He’s bigger, stronger, faster. His advantage in strength alone would delude Rousey’s advantage on the ground. Joe Rogan is a good announcer, and he’s very good at stirring the pot, but he’s off his rocker with this proclamation.

Opinions aside, it’s crazy to think this fight would ever happen. Neither fighter has anything to gain from it, so let’s hope the nonsense dies out sooner than later so each fighter can concentrate on their actual upcoming bouts.

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