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John Calipari makes strong prediction about Anthony Davis

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Being the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats’ basketball team gives John Calipari the opportunity to deal with tons of talented basketball prospects. Coach Calipari has the chance to mold these young, gifted players, as they enter a lifetime of basketball glory. Recently, that crop has been great. Players like DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Julius Randle and Anthony Davis come to mind.

Coach Calipari made a bold prediction for New Orleans Pelicans’ forward, and Team USA big man, Anthony Davis, while speaking to USA Today Sports.

“Right now, you look at (Davis) and say, ‘Man, in five years, he could be the best player in the NBA,’ “ Calipari said. “And this USA Basketball stuff pushes that date sooner. Again, here’s what it does for him: how to work, new things to add to his game, and confidence like, ‘These are the best in the world, so I’m all right.’ “

ESPN already dropped their positional rankings for the upcoming season, and wouldn’t you know it, they ranked Davis as the potential best power-forward in the league next season.

The gushing doesn’t stop with Calipari. Pelicans’ head coach, Monty Williams, also sees the growth in Davis’ game.

“He’s understanding that he is a lead dog among a number of alpha dogs. Mentally, he has taken it up a few notches, and I think Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) has been a big part of that, pushing him to be a leader, pushing him to be a guy on the team. You think about the names on this team, and you look at the impact on the game that he has, and you seldom say there’s a better player on the floor than Anthony. That’s got to help him from a confidence standpoint…and I think that’s just going to help us going forward.”

There certainly is an added advantage to playing with fellow star players from around the association, while on Team USA’s roster. Davis has gone from being the clear-cut best player on a team (The Pelicans), to being just another face in the crowd on Team USA. Not to diminish the valuable role Davis plays for the USA team, or anything, but it’s a big difference from playing with guys like Tyreke Evans, to playing with players like  Stephen Curry, and Derrick Rose. These fellow all-star caliber players heighten your game, naturally.

So, the ultimate question is how good will Anthony Davis eventually be? It’s a tricky question, but his defense is already blossomed, and his offensive ceiling seems almost unlimited at his position.

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