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Jonny Gomes’ kids confuse him with Mike Napoli

  • Jim Racalto
Mike Napoli Jonny Gomes


I have no idea what’s going on in Boston, but with matching shaved heads and beards, Red Sox players Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli look like twins. Be happy about the fact that if you’ve recently confused the two, you’re not alone. Even their kids get confused!

Via an interview with Gomes, courtesy of

“I am aware everyone thinks me and Napoli are twins. If you’re looking for a difference between us, I’m an outfielder and he’s an infielder. It kind of happened on accident. My kids think Daddy is on TV when he’s hitting. Even my kids are getting tricked. Since we have been kind of blending together, we keep running with it. We purposely sit next to each other and get our haircuts together so we look trim.”

Gomes is not joking, it’s actually scary how much they look alike!

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