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Jose Canseco calls out Alex Rodriguez

  • Jason Whitney

Jose Canseco called out Alex Rodriguez via Twitter

You can always count on Jose Canseco to put his two cents in any steroid story. If you remember, it was Canseco’s controversial book Juiced that helped launch the steroid investigations and testing.  Canseco is synonymous with the steroid era, exemplifying every aspect of the dirty era, where many players were users of performance-enhancing drugs. So it’s always funny to see him call out other players and be hypocritical.

After Ryan Braun was suspended from Major League Baseball for allegedly being tied to the Biogenesis lab, the next player in line would appear to be Alex Rodriguez. And all signs are pointing to a much lengthier suspension and some have even said a possible lifetime ban could happen. All of this led to one hilarious tweet from a man who benefited his whole career from steroids.



Canseco in a later tweet would stick up for Braun and Rodriguez, saying that if other players used performance-enhancing drugs then neither of them cheated.



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