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JR Smith Using Twitter To Decide His Destination?

  • Andy Flint

As you may know on Twitter there’s a section on your account where it says your location. If you take a look at JR Smith’s twitter here, you’ll notice he has a list of team’s cities on where he’ll possibly end up. Specifically it says NYK?, LAL?, LAC?, CHI?, ORL?, INDI?.

By the way he ordered it I would guess the Knicks are his number one destination. Not only because they are first on the list,  but because they have his buddy Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks also make the most sense in that Smith will get more playing time and more money if he were to become a member of the Knicks.

Marc Stein seems to agree.

“New York is still the closest thing to a consensus favorite to sign J.R. Smith to a rest-of-the-season contract worth $2.5 million when the rangy guard returns from China. Lots of teams are interested in Smith, including both the Clippers and Lakers, but the Knicks are starved for shooters and have more money and a bigger role to offer than most Smith suitors, which gives them an edge.”

Who doesn’t want to join the Linsanity, right?


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6 Responses to JR Smith Using Twitter To Decide His Destination?

  • The Lakers JR Smith you will be good along side Kobe buddy.

  • I have seen many many player walk away from the lakers because of some reason they thought was not in their interest only to see all of them lose a championship accept one i want name himm,but if it was really about winning not just most of the time it is aleast three or more plus money gained thta most say its not about why not look at the best and most prizeed team i nt he world ask Charles Barkley why ask joe smith back in his prime why its many more i can name that lost out just a few for thought. Well whatever you do do it for yourself good luck

  • That above is the longest run on sentence ever and makes no sense

  • idc where you talk bout where going as long as you come back home (Devner Nugget)

  • Jamal Kareem Shubrick, JR will not be back in “Devner”. He wants to go play with that overrated cry baby Carmelo. Which is fine. JR doesn’t really add much to the Nuggets, and with the fairly deep bench, (when everyone’s healthy) the Nuggets don’t really need him.

  • Needed in ORLANDO

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