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Judge in Chad Johnson butt-slap case is legally blind!

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In yet another twist in the growing saga that is Chad Johnson giving his attorney a friendly pat on the behind, it turns out the judge who ordered him to serve 30 days in jail after the incident is legally blind. Judge Katie McHugh asked the Ocho if he was happy with his attorney’s performance, to which he responded by giving him a slap on the ass. A little strange, but Johnson is a funny dude, so it wasn’t that surprising. However, McHugh apparently didn’t like it, didn’t allow Johnson to enter his plea deal, and instead ordered him to serve 30 days in jail.

Via Deadspin and Gossip Extra:

Rookie judge Katie McHugh, who won her seat in November in an upset win over ethically-challenged former County Commish Ilene Lieberman, called herself “legally blind” during campaign appearances.

McHugh, 44, said she suffers from Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic condition.

And her handicap made it impossible for her to obtain a driver’s license!

Johnson and his attorney plan to appeal the sentence and decision to drop his plea deal at the last second. Seriously, this would only happen to Chad Johnson. You can’t make this stuff up.



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