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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has very skeptical take on LeBron returning to Cleveland

  • Jason Whitney

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is skeptical of James’ return

Despite the majority of the basketball nation praising LeBron James for returning home, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a much different, critical opinion on King James coming back to Northeast Ohio. Kareem made various analogies, often times comparing what LeBron did to Cleveland, to a man doing his ol’ lady wrong. In an interesting article, Jabbar essentially says that Lebron “can’t just go home again,” because of how he left.


To some skeptical residents, LeBron’s return to Cleveland is less that of the prodigal son’s triumphant return home than the straying husband who abandoned his longtime partner to chase a younger, hotter, firmer slice having second thoughts. Having realized he traded a deep love for a sweaty romp, he’s coming home with a bouquet of roses in one hand and a diamond bracelet in the other, begging forgiveness for his foolish mistake of lustful youth.

When LeBron left Cleveland he celebrated it as the Exodus from Egypt and enslavement, and that arrogance left a bitter taste in his fans’ mouths. It was like showing up at a party with his new girlfriend when he knew his ex would be there. Tacky. Even his return to Cleveland might have been seen as more from the heart, as he states in his essay, if it had just been announced as a fait accompli instead of the press and fans waiting in anticipation for the word to come down from the mountain inscribed on tablets.

But in another way, LeBron can’t go home again. At least not to the home he once knew. They may be grateful and joyful, but they are also wiser. Like the betrayed spouse, they will have to wait and see, they will have to be wooed, they will have to be convinced that his sincerity, to quote “Porgy and Bess,” ain’t a sometime thing.

There is no questioning James’ return to Cleveland isn’t good for the game. However, it seems like Abdul-Jabbar has hit home on a much larger point. LeBron basically announced to the world that he was leaving his wife for the hot, younger model during “The Decision.” And, now, it’s easy to forget all of this because he is making his triumph return. It will be interesting to see how Cleveland fans react during the last season of LeBron’s short two-year deal. I’m guessing they will be keeping their guard up.

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