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Kevin Durant: James Harden Won’t Hit the Market

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have worked hard to build their young core, and there has been overwhelming concern that they will have trouble retaining a key cog to that core, James Harden. Apparently, no one has informed superstar Kevin Durant on the matter, because he has come out and said Harden won’t hit the market via his twitter account.

Some background on the tweet about to be posted: Durant was responding to a tweet by Nate Jones, a well-respected NBA analyst. Jones was remarking that Harden will most likely get a max offer after Eric Gordon was given a max deal by the Phoenix Suns, which will reportedly be matched by New Orleans.

Here’s the exchange:

It’s a great thought by KD, except it’s not his decision. Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti will have a very tough decision to make fairly soon because it will be very difficult for the Thunder to retain both Harden, and big man Serge Ibaka, especially with the new salary cap restrictions coming into effect in the next couple of seasons. However, if we have learned something from the last couple of years in this league, it is that what a superstar wants, a superstar gets. If Presti can pull it off and stay within the cap, then he will probably win the Executive of the Year award unopposed. He would probably also get a very nice present from his superstar Kevin Durant; I am thinking he will have his choice between a Porsche and a Benz…

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