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Kevin Love wants to join the Spurs

  • Jason Whitney

Kevin Love to the Spurs?

Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love has been in the proverbial rumor mill seemingly forever. Each day there is a new rumor of a proposed trade that has been leaked out. But now, Love might have thrown a wrench into the daily “Love rumors” by saying he hopes someday that he can play for the San Antonio Spurs.

Via Rappler:

Love, who could opt out of his contract with Minnesota next season but declined to entertain questions about trade talks, however, replied: “Ooh, that’s tough to say. (First) I would have to crack the playoffs. I’ve been coached by some great coaches and been with young teams.

“If there’s a way I can jump on that Spurs roster then I can get on that road to the NBA championship. Hopefully it becomes soon, I’m 25 now, maybe when I’m 26.”

Love obviously was making light of the situation, but why not try to get into the K-Love sweepstakes if you’re the Spurs? I’m not sure they’d have enough to bring in the talented power forward, but with the way the Spurs offense is, it would be beautiful watching Love perform under coach Gregg Popovich and his system. But let’s get real, this is a pipe dream.

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