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Knicks version of unruly Nets fan’s ruthless ejection false according to viral video witness; Never hit anyone with prosthetic leg

  • Jason Whitney

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Did the New York Knicks’ security team overstep their boundaries again?

Super Brooklyn Nets fanatic Jeffrey Gamblero – otherwise known as Jeffrey Vanchiro, was ejected from last night’s Knicks/Nets game at Madison Square Garden because he was being “unruly” according to a Knicks team spokesperson. The team source said Gamblero was warned several times for “being obnoxious and yelling.”

However, after contacting Jesse Eigner, who captured the viral video, the scene that went down was much different from the story that was published on media outlets.

Via Jesse (email transcript)

I was sitting about five rows up from the super fan during the game in section 105. He was getting up and cheering during the game but I would not say he was really disturbing anyone. He would stand up after a three-point shot was hit or he would dance to music during timeouts. 

I saw several different security guards approach him to tell him to calm down throughout the game and whenever they would come talk to him, he would act like they were about to attack him physically. After security asked him to leave, the super fan removed his prosthetic leg and put it over his head. It seemed like by doing that he was telling the guards that he would not move on his own accord. 

At this point there were several guards coming down the aisle and fans started cheering around the section, “Let him stay!” “Let Him Stay” They then began to drag him out of his seat and I began to videotape because I felt like what was happening was very bizarre. I didn’t think the Nets super fan deserved to be ejected, especially in that kind of extreme way.

SPORTS-KINGS: Did Gamblero hit anyone with his prosthetic leg?

Jesse: No

This isn’t the first time an issue involving the MSG security team lying has come into question. Anthony Rotondi, a Brooklyn (ironically) stock trader took his ejection to court claiming the MSG guards had lied about the story that took place.

Via NY Daily News:

A  Brooklyn stock trader is crying foul against Madison Square Garden – claiming he was ejected from a Knicks game in January after just for yelling “Carmelo, You Stink!”

Now the trader, Anthony Rotondi, has gone to court demanding the names of the MSG security guards who had him arrested.

Rotondi’s lawyer says in court papers that MSG guards lied to cops by claiming that he had become disorderly and used vulgar and abusive language to them.

He was charged on Jan. 7 with “tampering with a sports contest” because he was “interfering” with the game and with criminal trespass because the guards also told cops that he refused to leave the Garden when he was ejected.

In the video you can hear the MSG crowd booing his ejection and telling the guards to take it easy on him. If you listen closely, one fan yells “He didn’t do Sh-t.” It also doesn’t appear that Gamblero was resisting the guards or needed to be carried away like that.

According to Garden security guards who declined to be identified, Gamblero nearly started a riot because he was hitting people with his prosthetic leg. Judging on the boos that comments via the video, that hardly seems to be the case.

Gamblero could not be reached for comment as of this point.


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