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Kobe Bryant hangs out with high school team, gives prize recruit advice

  • Jason Whitney

Kobe Bryant stopped by a high school and hung out with high school team

Imagine being in high school and having future Hall of Fame great, Kobe Bryant come in after a long hard practice of hoops. Well, that became a reality for the players at Bishop Loughlin. Not only did Bryant walk through the doors to greet the team, he hung out with them!

Khadeen Carrington one of the nation’s top juniors plays at Bishop Loughlin and definitely took in the moment.

Via New York Post:

“It was great to meet one of the players you look up to,” Carrington said. “I consider him the greatest after Jordan.”

Carrington asked Bryant how he prepares for big games and handles the pressure of taking the last shot. The 6-foot-3 standout said the biggest thing he took from Bryant was how to be a leader. Bryant stressed not to let one bad play linger, to always communicate with teammates and not show frustration, even in difficult times.

“That definitely motivated me,” he said. “I talked to him and I see how his demeanor is, he’s very calm. I learned a couple of things.”

Hofstra starting forward, David Imes tweeted a shout out to Brooklyn after hearing that Kobe stopped by Bishop Loughlin


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