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Kobe Bryant to Barcelona?

  • Jason Whitney

In an interesting interview reported by Basket4Us, Kobe Bryant has announced that he would like to join Barcelona in three years.

In the video Kobe says Barcelona is a great city. He also goes on to say some pros about playing in Barcelona. Like the beaches, and FC Barca. Kobe Bryant spent some of his childhood in Italy, so he’s a big soccer fan. If Bryant were to really do this in three years, then he’d obviously be the best player in their league.

The interesting thing is that Kobe is only 33 years old right now. Meaning he would be 36 in three years. Kevin Garnett, who is 36 now received a 3 year deal worth $34 million. Kobe can command that type of money from the Lakers in three years if he wants. But maybe he feels he accomplished everything he could already, and wants to dominate Euro ball.

“Give me three years and see me play at the club. I love the club and Barcelona is a city that I love, “ said Bryant. “The ACB’s still with Pau Gasol and the parties have the same intensity as in the NBA, but in the U.S. is more difficult because we play more matches and physical training requires much more than you here. “



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